BORN 1994

Moved by the powerful landscape of her home in the Byron hinterland, Romy has sought to imbue her ceramic works with the same lifeblood of ancient majesty and mystery.

Galvanised by the diversity of her natural surroundings and their great and sometimes terrible beauty, Romy’s works seek to personify elements of nature – the erosion of time, the tranquillity of a body of water, the surface of the moon.

Her artistic process is equally organic. Self-taught, she feels deeply for the experimental joys inherent in creation; foraging for earthy relics to incorporate into her works barefoot, employing rare techniques, ever looking to the sea, the sky and the land as her muses.

Romy’s works are enjoying recognition from discerning collectors of artworks unique and handmade in homes and galleries throughout the world. Each piece quietly yet joyfully encapsulates the passion inherent in its making.